Each basket is made to suit the needs of the family. The Olive Branch Network believes that every baby is a gift and understands that parents can find themselves in difficult situations for various reasons.

From time people require extra support. We believe that our role is to help relieve some burden  and pressure for parents by providing them with much needed items.

All items provided have been checked to ensure that they meet health and safety standards, they are all washed, cleaned and are in good condition.

Muslins, towels, bodysuits, baby grows, blankets, baby wipes, nappies, cuddly toy, nice outfit, mitts, hat, socks , towels, blankets, sheets, shampoo, baby wash, bedding, snowsuit (winter time only)

For mum:

Breast pads, toiletry gift bag, maternity pads, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste.


(This is not an exclusive list)